Northern Lights Show

I’m sure you have already seen pictures and read about the spectacular light show across much of the US and Europe last night. I’ve been following along with SpaceWeatherLive for my solar photography and also keeping an eye out in case the northern lights made an appearance down here in New England, and it was lit up. I had planned to head outside later, but a friend texted me and told me to go look right now. I looked at the sky and didn’t really notice anything at first, but when I pointed my Pixel 4a 5G at the sky with Night Sight and took a picture, I saw all sorts of colors! I ran inside to grab my GoPro and Canon T3 and set everything up.

For the T3, I used my Rokinon 14mm wide angle lens at it’s widest aperture of f/2.8, set the intervalometer to expose for 10 seconds with ISO 800 and had it snap away with a 2 second gap between photos. The result was simply stunning.

For my GoPro Hero 11, I set it to Night Lapse with a 10 second interval and auto shutter settings. This was also lovely!

While the cameras snapped away, we just laid on a blanket in the yard and enjoyed the view. The sky was ever-changing with strong red tones, mixing with long pillars of color, and a spooky red “rift” off to the south.

Strange rift formation off to the south

Enjoy the video!